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Liftall Forklift Specs

1975Liftall HTMS -180Price: $12500
1990Taylor TSE 110Price: $68500
1986Taylor Forklift TSE-120Price: $45000
1981Clark Forklift C500 225Price: $26000
1985CAT Forklift 25000 capacityPrice: $26500
1994Taylor marine forklift TSE-120-01Price: $35000
2004Taylor marine forklift TMH -120Price: $80000
0Clark Forklift CHY-120Price: $8500
1985Klamar 13.6 600Price: $12000
1980Liftall Forklift HTMS 1800Price: $29000
1980taylor forklift TY-250Price: $15000
1982Taylor Marine Forklift TSE -75Price: $7500
2002Wiggins W 200 M2Price: $49500
1990Taylor Forklift TSE 76Price: $69900
1976Caterpillar V-225Price: $13800
2019Wiggins W 2.0 M2-108Price: $230000
2016Neptune M 220Price: $185000
1998Taylor TM-122Price: $12500
2013Hoist Neptune M 350Price: $189000
1993Clark Forklift 18000lbPrice: $34500
2010Hoist Lift truck M 250Price: $140000
1990Taylor marine forklift TSE-120Price: $74500
1980Taylor Forklift Y30WOFPrice: $35000
2009Hoist Neptune M250Price: $120000

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Liftall Forklift Parts

2014 gehl rs6-34 telescopic forklift with only 2414 hours!! Equipped with: diesel engine, 34' reach, 3 way steering, 4x4, good foam filled tires, hyd leveling, 4' forks and ready to work!! Please call with any questions or to receive a freight quote. Welcome to Liftparts of Oregon, Inc. With over 100 years of combined experience in all brands of forklift, we will know what you're talking about whether you are an end-user or an on-site technician. Maritime transports powerboats and sailboats up to 50feet. Boats can be hauled in or out of a cradle, or in some cases on their own trailer. All of our equipment is designed to adequately and safely support your boat and its accompanying structures such as a fly. Liftall Forklift MT80D -478 Hours)-Model 48M0065 Rough Terrain Forklift 5000lb load capacity-2-Tier-Mast 30 Foot measures 95' long, 160' ran when it was moved to the location it is in-over a year ago. You will have to do some mechanic work to get it running but I am told it runs. DynaFlex™ Roundslings 60−61. KeyFlex™ Aramid Roundslings 62−63. SteelFlex™ Roundslings 64. Polyester Stage Slings and Tuflex Wide-Lift 65. Inspection Criteria for Roundslings 66−67. Sling Protection 68−77. Cut Protection 69. Edge Defender™ 70. Edge Defender Flex Plus Flat Quick Sleeve 71.